About Roper Press

For nearly sixty years, Roper Press presented the Bible "as it is, with unashamed confidence and commitment." Dr. Harlin Roper (esteemed pastor at Scofield Church in Dallas, Texas) established the company's reputation for solid Biblical curriculum, most notably with the series Through the Bible Study.

A few years after the death of Dr. Roper, the assets of Roper Press were sold to DiscipleLand, a like-minded company dedicated to creating children's Bible training materials of the highest quality—for Christ's glory and the advancement of His kingdom.

DiscipleLand continues to offer Dr. Harlin Roper's adult Through the Bible Study guides. While the covers have been updated and the original twelve guides have been consolidated into four books, the content remains unchanged. All other Roper Press titles are out of print, with the exception of the Me Too Bible Story Books for children.

About Through the Bible Study Series

"Through the Bible Study" by Dr. Harlin J. RoperThrough the Bible Study is a unique course for adults. Its distinctive book-by-book method of study from Genesis to Revelation makes Bible study exciting. It is an inductive study prepared especially for those who want to understand the Bible itself. Students are encouraged to take their Bibles, read the passage, study the reference material, and discover personally what God's Word says.

Through the Bible Study began out of the conviction that God's Word affects the thought and life of everyone who reads and studies it. God's Spirit works when an individual is confronted with what God says! The Bible is living, active, and penetrating. No one can remain neutral, because God's truth must be acted upon, either positively by acceptance and submission, or negatively by rejection (Hebrews 4:12:43).

For further information or to order the Through the Bible Study series, please visit or call 1-800-284-0158.

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